Why the ‘Marvel vs DC’ war is pointless.


Recently trailers of two of DC’s upcoming movies ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ and ‘Suicide sqaud’ were shown during SDCC 2015 and then were released online. Youtube, social media and the whole internet went crazy not only with how ‘DC is awsome’ and ‘DC is back’ but how its gonna ‘destroy and kill’ Marvel. vice versa, when any marvel movie is releasing, say during extensive promotions of ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’; same thing seems to happen everytime. Even people involved in making these movies seem to take part in this ‘Marvel Vs DC’ debate. The whole Internet is flooded with things like these:





   Comic book and superheroes movies found thier way onto the mainstream cinema  with DC’s ‘Superman: the movie’ in 1978 and ‘ Tim burton’s Batman’ in 1989. While DC started adapting its stories, marvel was dealing  with serious financial crisis. Overall superheroes movies were struggling to find their voice with many not so good flicks.Movies like x-men trilogy, raimi’s spiderman trilogy, nolan’s batman begins which succeded in finding larger audience other than comic fans.Then in 2008, both ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Iron Man’ made huge impact in their own ways, opening the doors for golden age of comic book superhero movies.
  Though Marvel and DC are technically rivals, they actually complement each other.They have different styles and approach for their films.


Marvel is more ‘family friendly’ with DC Being more ‘adult oriented’ (Though both of them have tried their hands at both appraches I.e DC’s Flash snd marvel-netflix’s Daredevil.) Nothing is wrong with either of them.One can’t expect both of them to be same or more like each other, which would result in same kind of films with no variety.

Even if Marvel started this shared universe craze before DC, Marvel’s films haven’t been always the best And as DCEU took step towards shared universe in form of ‘Man of Steel’, DC also stumbled a bit. Now as DCEU goes into full gear with Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice and ‘Suicide Squad’ next year, DCEU will serve as a competition to MCU. This will cause both of them to work more hard to deliver better movies. This, ulimately benefits us, The fans and genearal audience.


Though the whole ‘Marvel vs DC’ thing is fun, excess of anything is always not good. These are fortunate times for comic book lovers and fans of superhero genre. We should actually be thankful to live in these times and witness this films.


So instead of indulging in needless banters, just grab popcorn, secure your seat and watch the silver screen explode with comic book superhero movies before the craze dies down like any other.

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