Hitman sniper : take’em out, agent 47!!!

While a new movie based on the ‘Hitman’ video game franchise, ‘hitman: agent  47’ starring Rupert friend is coming out soon and even a new game simply titled ‘Hitman’ is scheduled to released on ps4 this year, Hitman also has two entries on mobile platform.
There are two hitman games available on android platform featuring the silent assasin agent 47; ‘Hitman go’ and ‘Hitman sniper.’
These are my thoughts on ‘Hitman sniper.’


While go is strategy based, puzzle game, sniper is more of a first person shooter with a fair share of strategy gameplay incorporated in it.
Right from the start, the game gives you a immersive cinematic experience. The haunting music suits the game well, morever, adds a great value to it. Playing with your headphones on with  full volume gives a whole new level of gaming experience.
The game only has only one map (as far as I have played), a bunglow where a series of high profile targets are hanging out and as agent 47 its our mission to take them out. While completing these missions we have to complete a set of objectives.

The map

Normally its boring playing on a single map. But, thats not the case with Hitman sniper. The objectives are designed in a such a way as you keep playing and level increases, the objectives become more and more complex. There are  different abilities such as hold breath (time slows down), x – ray vision, explosive bullets and many more which help in completing the objectives.


The objectives, while becoming complex, are not particularly hard, with a bit of strategy and a bit of planning, they can be completed. And these feeling that the objectives can be accomplished, you give in yourself for that ‘one more time’ thing. While ‘Hitman go’ didn’t seem my type of game, I am gonna check that out now as I loved the strategy and stealth gameplay elements involved in ‘Hitman sniper.’

The game can be played to complete the missions which are very fun, or just for taking out your frustrations from your job. The satisfaction you would get of headshotting someone is just priceless.


Am I a homicidal maniac….huh…?

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