Spider-man’s inclusion in MCU : A victory of fandom.

Marvel’s newest entry in MCU , ‘Ant-man’ gave us first official mention of spider-man as scott’s friend luis quoted a journalist as saying “We’ve got a guy who jumps, a guy who swings, a guy who can climb walls.”


It was one of the best moments in already awsome movie.
Fans got real excited as it was a dream come true. But that wasn’t always the case, was it?
Years ago, before it was the hugely successful studio it is today, Marvel had sold the rights of its key characters due to financial crisis. Then years later as comic book movies had started making a mark, marvel also decided to make its own movies.

The plans


President of marvel studios, kevin feige, (who is a big fan himself) came up with a plan which would be a fan fantasy came true  if succeded but would make Marvel go bankruptcif succeded. The plan was to make stand alone movies for each character and then teaming them up for a cross-over creating a interconnected universe. The plan was set into motion albeit with comparatively lesser known characters. It was natural of fans to wish to  see spider-man where  he belongs. But whatever be fans’ dreams or marvel’s plans, Sony had plans of their own.

Goodbye toby, welcome garfield.


After differences over spiderman 4, sam raimi left and sony decided to reboot the franchise. Fans bid farewell to toby maguire’s more ‘comic book-y’ but great spider-man and welcomed andrew garfield’s fresh ‘grounded’ take on your friendly neighbourhood wallcrawler.
Meanwhile marvel was building upto the behemoth that was ‘the Avengers’ one film at a time. Every one wanted to see spidey team up with the avengers. As ‘the amazing spider-man’ released everyone hoped to see nick fury or agent coulson pop up on screen to recruit spider-man with S.H.I.E.L.D’s ‘Avengers initiative’. But that didn’t happen. There were plans to include the oscorp tower in ‘the avengers’ which also failed through.


Fans were forced to be content on numerous fanfiction and fan-made trailers.

The hope


Sony had decided to launch its own shared universe franchise centered on spider-man properties such as venom and senister six. After this decision there seemed no chance of spidey meeting the avengers such as iron man and captain america. But as the second film in ‘the amazing Spider-man’ series got lukewarm response, the skepticism around sony’s shared universe increased. Sony was now in a difficult position.

The deal


Then a news came. Marvel and sony made a unprecedented deal which allowed Marvel to use spider-man in the Marvel cinematic universe while sony retained the rights. A appearence in a upcoming Marvel movie (most likely captain america : civil war) and then a stand alone was announced for spider-man.


This was a impossible dream come true for fans.
     There are still many questions. How are they gonna introduce and icorporate spidey into larger cinematic universe?
Can tom holland a solid high school spidey/peter parker? Can spieder-man even survive anther reboot? Will other characters like the x-men and the fantastic four have same fate?
           We can just cross our fingers and hope for the best.

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