Enjoy these sherlock holmes novels while waiting for sherlock Christmas special and season 4.


     Are you waiting for benedict cumberbatch and martin freeman to take you back to the victorian london in sherlock’s ‘Christmas special’? Then take a early tour to the baker street by reading these Sherlock Holmes pastiches.

The house of silk by Anthony Horowitz


    The author of ‘alex rider’ teen spy novels takes on the greatest detective in this fast paced adventure with a dark climax.
   In freezing London, November 1890, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson receive a man unnerved by a scarred-face stalker with piercing eyes. A conspiracy reaches to the Boston criminal underworld. The whispered phrase ‘the House of Silk’ hints at a secret sinister organisation . The novel follows Sherlock Holmes as he attempts to solve two seemingly unrelated mysteries and gets tangled in its ‘silk-y’ webs.
    while you are at it, also check out the second novel in the series.


     The novel titled Moriarty, Is set during the great hiatus as after ‘death’ of Sherlock holmes, a pinkerton agent, Frederick Chase and scotland yard detective Athelney Jones from arthur conan doyle’s ‘The sign of four’ persue a new criminal mastermind determined to be Moriarty’s succesor.

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The sherlockian by Graham Moore


     The author Graham Moore  won the oscar for ‘best adapted screenplay’ for benedict cumberbatch starrer ‘the imitation game.’
    His novel ‘The sherlockian’ is not a traditional sherlock Holmes story, instead it focuses on the creator of sherlock holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle, as he receives backlash of fans for killing off their favourite detective and his attempt to solve a murder with his own watson, guess who? The authour of dracula , bram stoker!!!
Not only this, we also see another mystery unfold, as in present day, a sherlock holmes expert uses the methods of the great detective to solve the mystery of conan doyle’s lost diary which is believed to contain the secrets of why Conan Doyle brought Sherlock holmes back from dead in ‘hound of baskerville’.

Dust and shadow by lindsay faye


   A solid debut with a solid subject ‘sherlock holmes vs jack the ripper’ . If you are wondering who is Jack the ripper, he was a serial killer who killed and brutally mutilated six women on the streets of Whitechapel destrict of london in late 1880s leaving London in a grip of fear. Jack the ripper was never caught and his crime remain unsolved even hundred years later to this date. In this novel we follow Sherlock holmes and Dr. Watson as they chase Jack the ripper while the crimes unfold on the Whitechapel streets.
     Agree it has been done before (ellery Queen’s a study in terror) but it has more than just a solid subject. The atmosphere of Victorian london, The threat,The tension and the great dialogues between our favourite characters, you got to read this one.
I am secretly dreaming the sherlock’s ‘christmas special’ to be based on something like this novel.

    Have you read any of these? Do yo any more suggestions for me? Please comment and share!!!

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