Stephen king’s dark tower saga getting a movie in 2017!! What about Mr. Mercedes???

Stephen king’s epic ‘Dark Tower’ saga is getting a movie adaptation in 2017 by sony.


But there is another stephen king saga which is ripe for a big screen adaptation. Mr. Mercedes, that is the story of a psycho murderer who plunges a Mercedes into a jobless crowd and the retired police officer who is trying hunt  down the psycho before he attacks again.  Who wouldn’t wanna watch that right?


   It is a great detective suspense thriller and the cat and mouse chase between brady hartsfield and former police officer bill hodges is edge-of-the-seat entertainment at its best. Speaking of brady hartsfield, what a character he is!!! A loner who lives with his mother and enjoys drives mercedes into unsuspecting crowd then taunts the former police officer who failed to catch him.
  Mr. Mercedes, as you may know is the first installment in a planned trilogy which revolve around the city centre massacare which opens the first book. The second novel in the series, ‘Finders Keepers’, was recently published and the third’s title was announced as ‘End of Watch’.
Last heard, a tv series is announced was announced with  David E. Kelley writing, Jack Bender directing and Stephen King serving as executive producer. I guess we have to satisfy our dose of Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes saga on the small screen instead? What do you think guys? Are you excited for dark tower saga and mr. Mercedes live action adaptations? 

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