6 things which worked well for Mission impossible : Rogue Nation

‘Mission impossible: Rogue nation’ is probably is best fifth film in any franchise and also ranks towards top in its own franchise. While ‘mission impossible: Rogue nation’ enjoys its success and we wait for ethan hunt’s return for a sixth mission, let us see the things which worked really well for ethan hunt and co. Hunting the syndicate.

The teamplay


‘Rogue nation’ understood the great dynamic that comes with the teamplay. It effectively build and improved on the teamplay that was already so fun in ‘Ghost protocol.’ Our favorite character benji (simon pegg) got lot of scenes to shine as he helped his friend ethan (tom cruise) after lying (and narrowly escaping) on a polygraph test, while agent brandt ( jeremy renner) and luther (ving rhymes) raced against the CIA to find ethan hunt. While it was predictable that brandt’s betrayal was a only a play, it didn’t made it any less enjoyable to watch Ethan and brandt argue.

Holding IMF accontable for events In ‘ghost protocol’.


Though tom cruise insists that every installment should be able to stand alone on its own ( thus no numbers, only subtitle after the title) it was great to see IMF too see held accountable for the events of ‘Ghost protocol’. This also helps move story forward and make it more interesting as IMF is shut down after it is decided that IMF is unorthodox (that true) and outdated (that’s not). Thus ethan is forced to go underground and gather intel about the syndicate while CIA is hunting him.

A great setup.


Yes. The set up. A organisation is orchestrating major terorist attacks (desguised as accidents) all over the world and Ethan hunt on the mission  to prove its existence and stop it with the help of handful of IMF agents? I am totally in, so are you.

Great action sequences.


What do you want me to say here. Rebecca ferguson kicking ass. The opera fight. The under-water sequence. The car-bike chase scene. Stuff of heaven for the action movie fans.

The Suspense building


Aside from great action sequences , ‘rogue nation’ also boasts of great suspenseful moments. The suspense of the underwater sequence was suffocating  and the time bomb strapped to benji had us biting our nails.

Those little Funny moments


The moments such as when  the platform which goes up down during the opera fight, luther and brandt arguing about the slow car during the chase sequence and them hitting the biker pointing gun towards ethan with the same car, brandt’s refusal to either ‘confirm or denial’ any details of any operation without the permission of the Secretary and pretty much every scene with benji contribute in small amounts to over all enjoyment.

And last but not least…

The clever marketting

The trailer for mission impossible : Rogue nation’ showed benji getting  unmasked and also spoiled the big ”the hanging from plane’ scene.



In a age where  trailers are ruining movies, it came as a pleasent surprise that the two scenes were put in the trailer didn’t spoil anything and the ‘actual stuff’ was kept pretty much unwrapped till we were in our seats at the theatre. ( note that I am talking about the first teaser trailer and not any subsequent trailers. If you want to avoid spoilers you should know better than watch all the footage they throw at you.)

What did you thought of ‘mission impossible : Rogue Nation’?
I personally would love to watch more of the syndicate, as the arch nemesis of ÌMF perhaps (like SHIELD and HYDRA). Do you want more sequels or should the series stop on a high note???

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