‘Drishyam’,south remake or plot borrowed from a novel; is a solid thriller.

First of all , this is not a review of ‘Drishyam’, but a congratulatory article to ‘team Drishyam’ from a avid fan of suspense thrillers and whodunits.


  ‘Drishyam’ starring ajay devgn, tabu , shriya saran and directed by nishikant kamat is a remake of malyalam movie which is already remade in tamil and telugu.
  Not only these, the plot originally is borrowed from a japanese novel called ‘Devotion of suspect x'(btw, read the novel, its great.)
   After so many adaptations its commendable that the story didn’t get lost during translation.
   I was so interested in watching the movie after watching the trailer which gave the glimpse of a different thriller-mystery (which are rare in bollywood)  and hearing good things about south indian counter parts (which I hadn’t seen). What I didn’t know and felt a bit dissapointed after knowing that it had the same plot as a japanese novel ( which I had read).
   But then it also got me thinking. Even if the plot was borrowed from a japanese novel, they hadn’t copied the story mindlessly.
  There is a clever change of characters. If you have read the japanese novel you know that the main character is a middle aged maths teacher (ajay devgn’s cable operator) , the maths teacher’s neighbours, a devorced wife and her daughter
subtitute ajay devgn’s character’s family.
By making these changes, it makes so much more sense and feels real that a father would go to any length to save his family. And with the problems girls are facing today, it even makes sense the guy who dies to be a blackmailer instead of a devorced husband.
   Moreover, Ajay’s character’s cinema addiction is a great addition, we all learn something for watching movies, don’t we? I could totally buy that aspect of his character.
    The film has great performances from tabu, Ajay devgn, rajat kapoor and kamlesh sawant.
and a engaging screenplay barring only one song which comes at the beginning. The song ‘Dum ghutata hai’ that plays when the family goes to ‘satsang’ after the whole ‘incident’ happens , lends well to the tension and highlight the deep fear they are harbouring inside them.
Whoops. Did I just critique it??
Well all in all a solid murder mystery, and well needed one for bollywood at this stage.
At the end, I just want to congratulate all and say thanks to all the adaptations  (japanese, malyalam, tamil, telugu,hindi) so as to serve a thrilling story for us to enjoy.

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