About the international incident that starts MCU’s civil war.



Lately reports of international incident that kicks off civil war in ‘Captain America Civil War’ are doing rounds of internet. Though I haven’t read them
(and so should you) to avoid spoilers, I have a rant to make here.
   The events that should have started civil war should have been the events of ‘Avengers : Age Of Ultron’.
   What? The incident of city of sokovia flying isn’t international enough?     Throughout the movie , its indicated that tension between steve rogers and tony stark is rising and as the movie literally flies towards the climax, we are really expecting this tension to explode.
But admist the in-battle jokes and chats, it never does. Imagine the rage captain america would have felt towards iron man if he had actually failed to save those people in car.

Alas, the movie took a lighter path as  the two heroes parted the paths on amicable terms with captain assembled a new team and stark drove away in his car in the sunset (again).
Though events of age of ultron would still play a role in ‘civil war’, it would have been far more effective if ‘Age Of Ultron’ would have directly lead to civil war. Also, it would have gave more time to actual events of civil war to play out and to introduce numerous characters involved, instead of giving that time to establish another international incident.
What’ya say guys???

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