Was person of interest inspired by ‘terminator’ franchise?


I recently started watching first season of ‘person of interest’ and I am really enjoying it. It’s a really great sci-fi action series But one thing I couldn’t help but notice that how much  jonathan nolan’s show has similarities with another beloved sci-fi action franchise – the ‘Terminator’ films.
Not just the name one of the lead character i.e. mr. Reese is similar to that of one of the the main characters I.e. kyle reese or the name ‘john’ (a la john conner) mr. Reese uses a alias while going undercover.
There are few other similarities between the two which raises the question – was person of interest inspired by ‘Terminator’. Those are as follows

1)first off, the obvious similarity (aside from the names is the machine in the tv shoe and the skynet defense system in the films. Both were technologies used by the US government. Both tecnologies serve as catalyst for the plot developnent as skynet becomes self aware, eradicates human kind, sends back a robot killer to kill the leader of the resistance in past so as to win the war in the future while the machine gives a nane of person who will be involved in a violent crime in near future so as mr. Reese and finch can stop the crime before it can happen and save the day.

2) Both the show’s and the films’ involve  saving someone from someone. In case the show, its someone innocent from a violent crime like murder etc as mentionned earlier and in csse of the films its saving sarah and john conner from the killer cyborgs to ensure that john can lead the resistance in war against skynet.

3) while I do found these similarities as soon as watched first few episodes, it was the episode ‘the fix’ that really got me thinking. In the said episode It is relvealed that a murder took place to cover the fatal side effects of a drug which is being developed by a pharmaceutical company. Thus its upto mr. Reese and co. to stop the launch of the drug before it can result in deaths of thousands similar how skynet was launched and billions of people died.
sounds ridiculous? Well the drug is named ‘sylocet’, which sounds really similar to skynet. its like the writers of the show themeselves acknowledged that they were inspired by the ‘Terminator’ films.
What do you guys think??

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