Will captain america have the most unique and diverse superhero trilogy of them all?

Captain america is marvel’s one of the earliest superhero characters and now sits in the list of the a-list superheroes thanks to his turn in the behemoth known as Marvel cinematic universe. Though at first he was some what a butt of jokes even after the first avengers released, he is since turned into certified badass after his first solo sequel ‘captain america: winter soldier’.

As we eagerly await the the next MCU flick based on the much celebrated ‘civil war’ arc, we are some what forgetting that with ‘captain america: civil war’, captain america will be completing his superhero trilogy and it wiil be a trilogy like no other superhero has till date.


steve rogers’ origin story ‘captain america: the first avenger’ was set in world war 2 era and had that old world charm of a indiana jones-esque adventure flick.


When captain returned for another adventure more than seventy years later, he found himself in the modern world’s dirty politics which didn’t fit with the soldier’s ideals. With the second captain America installment we got a solid political thriller, which quickly climbed up to become one of the best superhero movie. With other avengers getting sequels which solemnly affect the larger cinematic universe, captain america has been far more lucky in case of ‘the winter soldier’ with the hydra reveal and disbanding of SHIELD.


‘Captain america: civil war’ similarly is set to shake up MCU with the ideological battle between the avengers , while still being a steve rogers story instead of being avengers 2. 5 (which ‘winter soldier’ effectively accomplished). Will ‘captain america: civil war manage to top the praises earned by the second installment,and will captain america get the most unique and diverse superhero trilogy of them all? Only time will tell…

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