Witness Arthur Conan Doyle’s crime solving stint in the crime drama ‘Arthur And George’.


‘Arthur And George’ is a 2015 TV series, a adaptation of the novel of the same name by Julian Barnes,  which chronicles Conan Doyle’s real life attempt at crime solving using the deduction skills and methods of his creation detective Sherlock Holmes.
     Conan doyle, broken after death of his wife, finds purpose in life as he attempts to clear the wrongly convicted George Edalji of the bizzare serial killings and mutilations of animals credited to ‘The Wyrley Ripper’.
      Despite facing many obstacles while solving the case, often getting compared to sherlock holmes, Doyle remains determined to right the wrong and bring justice to George Edalji.

    Though based on real events, ‘Arthur and George’ is no less dramatic and atmospheric than a sherlock Holmes story. Its a real treat to watch Doyle solve the crime (like the great detective would) with his assistant woody by his side (much like Dr. Watson).
Despite hating him publicly, Conan doyle acts more and more like the great detective as the case makes progress. Woodie, who has fair share of doubts about the innocence of Edalji remains with Doyle till the end proving his loyalty like Dr. Watson.


     Martin Clunes gives a memorable performance as conan doyle. Victorian era is recreated beautifully as we witness the case unfold like a classic Sherlock Holmes adventure.
If you love everything Sherlock Holmes or are interested in the life of the much celebrated author, do watch ‘Arthur And George’. its awesome!!!!

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