PHANTOM, Much more than a spy thriller.



       Recently bollywood has been on a roll with giving us great movies filled with lndo-pak relations and terrorism. BABY, D-DAY and BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN were some of the movies entertained us, surprised us, made us feel proud. PHANTOM is the newest movie to do the same and we should thank and congratulate director Kabir Khan for that.
       PHANTOM, based on ‘DONGRI TO DUBAI’ author Hussain Zaidi’s debut novel ‘MUMBAI AVENGERS’ starts off as a spy thriller. With a interesting start to first half, the movie is entertaining but what comes in the second half is truly takes the movie to a whole new  level from a generic spy thriller.


        Director kabir khan who tugged our heart strings with BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN earlier this year, manages to do just that with the second half of these supposed spy thriller. He shows human side of what happens with whose life was affected by terrorists attacks like 26/11 in both India and pakistan. Saif Ali Khan looks believable in action and katrina kaif shines in her role and so does the supporting cast.
        This movie which is by no means anything more than a fantasy is a truly a story we wish were true…..

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