First day, first show: 5 Reasons to watch ‘The martian’.


  ‘The martian’ is a upcoming Sci-fi adventure movie Directed by Sir Ridley scott and starring Matt Damon. Its about a astronaut who gets left behind on mars during a mission and has to use his wits to survive there while his crew tries to rescue him.
    Reviews for ‘The martian’ are coming in. And from the spoiler-free reviews that I watched and read, I am pretty pumped to see this movie and so should you. Here are 5 reasons to watch ‘The martian’ –

1. Its directed by Sir Ridley Scott in a definitive come back to sci-fi genre after ‘Prometheus’ divided the audience. On the other hand, Everyone and I say EVERYONE is loving ‘The martian’.

2. Its based of a best selling novel of the same name by Andy weir, which is also considered a great story and has 4.4/5 stars on Goodreads (which is like Imdb for books and novels in case you didn’t know.)


3. Adapting a great book for big screen is a tricky task, but in the capable hands of Drew Goddard, The show runner of highly acclaimed marvel-netflix’s ‘Daredevil’ and Director of 2011’s ‘Cabin in the woods’, The screenplay seems to have translated the novel onto big screen very well. With Drew Goddard’s screenplay and Sir Ridley scott’s visual mastery,  that’s definately a reason to watch ‘The martian’.

4. The starcast led by Matt damon has given sone great performances and Matt Damon’s performance is even being touted as oscar-worthy. ( Even though I don’t care about the oscars that much.) But the acting is good.


5. This last reason is a statement which I read in one of the reviews. It says that ‘The martian’ is a movie which will inspire a whole new generation of children to become astronauts.
    Now that’s some statement to make. For some reason this one statement makes me wanna watch it and I am definately gonna be there on first day, first show to watch ‘The martian’, the question is are you?

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