Why you should watch ‘Court’, india’s oscar entry this year.


‘Court’, india’s of official entry to oscars
This year is really interesting film. I was so curious to watch it and when I did, frankly I had mixed feelings. But more the think about it, more and more I appreciate it. Here’s the reasons you should watch ‘Court’.

The premise


The premise that a folk artist is arrested because he apparently encouraged a worker to commit suicide in a manhole while singing a folk song, was what drawn me to the film. The premise promises a unsual court room drama (and who doesn’t love a good court room drama, right?)

The approach


Ditching the filmy, over the top court room drama antics, ‘Court’ takes a different approach. The film chooses us to be the observer of the day-to-day activities which take place in a court. Its a almost documentry style portrayal of indian judiciary system with all its slow paced procedures, outdated laws and remarkably mundane way by which a court works.

The characters


Along with the unusual case and the indian judiciary system, court also focuses on lives of people on different sides  of court system. The characters such as the accused folk singer who doesn’t remember if he commited the crime but has no problem in doing so in future, The two lawyers one of which comes from a wealthy family but works for the common and poor people and the second lawyer who is a middle-class house-wife and just wants to finish this case and move on and the judge who doesn’t allow a woman in court because there’s a law against wearing sleeve-less clothes in court. We follow this characters beyond their court room appearances into their lives showing their other sides. By doing this the film shows us that they the men and women in black who fight endlessly in courtrooms are actually peole like us once they are out of the court.
    Lastly I want to congratulate Director Chaitanya Tamhane and  the team of ‘Court’ for the oscar entry and wish best for their film for the journey ahead.

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