An unusual encounter with ‘The Martian’.



I had some unusual  experiences while watching Ridley scott’s space survival flick ‘The martian’.
   The movie was so atmospheric, so absorbing that I was totally into it from beginning. For once, the cinema hall was silent, no phone calls, no talking and no nothing. I was so engrossed in the movie. Suddenly my attention went below Matt Demon’s character Mark watteny where it was written ‘EXIT’. Whats that doing there? I wondered. Boom!!! I realized that I was in theatre watching a movie.
   In India we have a break or a interval for going to washroom or purchasing snacks etc which comes halfway through the movie. I was surprised how my mad I was that they stopped the movie for the interval.
   I again started watching the movie and even wondered if this was based on true events, fully knowing it was science-fiction, but watching those gorgous visuals of planet mars, and the music had some kind of  effect on me.
     I closed my eyes for a couple a seconds as I felt a certain emotion, that I cannot pinpoint. May be it is the emotion which someone might have felt while watching ‘Star wars’ in 1977 or ‘Jurassic Park’ in 1993. As I felt this emotion, I wondered if I, a 20 year guy who has watched tons of movies was experiencing such a emotion, what effect it would be having on a kid who is witnessing magic of cinema for the first time. A kid in my row was so excited that he was standing in front of his seat while watching the movie and at the end of the movie (spoiler alert?) As the crew succeds in saving Mark watteny, jessica chastain’s character commander Lewis exclaims “we got him!!!”, at this point the kid in my row exlaimed “They got him!!” and all of us laughed.
  Did you had similar experience while watching this or any other movie did the magic for you?

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