Take a walk to the theatres to watch ‘The walk’


    Robert Zemeckis’ ‘The walk’ starring Joseph Gordon‑Levitt works on many levels. its Biopic of a high wire walker, Philipe Petit who was obsessed with the idea of walking on a wire hanged on New York’s twin towers. But the biopic is a heist movie In disguise.
   Once we get to know our hero and his goal, we witness his journey to conquer the goal as he finds what he call ‘accomplices’ For his ‘heist’.The man’s obsession with the twin towers and attempts to conquer it produce many comic as well as emotional moments.
    The Third act of the movie is nothing less than a suspense thriller with some heart pounding suspenseful moments. The nail biting  spectacle of walking on wire between the twin towers is accompanied by the visual spectacle of 1970s new york which is hugely complimented by creative use of 3D. You cannot help but gasp, fearing that the guy may fall down any second while performing ‘the walk’. The narration though first seems odd, serves very well in providing a look into the mind of man who knows his is mad. Above all, the film drives a inspiring message for those who dream and have guts to persue them.

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