Spielberg and Tom Hanks team up again for ‘Bridge of spies’, is it good?


Steven Speilberg’s back in the director’s chair with the ‘Bridge of spies’, a historical drama set in cold war era.
     It follows a insurance lawyer who has become the second most hated man america because he is trying to defend a soviet spy and the lawyer’s efforts to negotiate a exchange between the ussian and a american spy captured by russians.
   The movie’s strengths are the two characters, the lawyer played by Tom Hanks and the Russian played by Mark Rylance and of course steven speilberg’s direction is delightful.


    The story mostly unfolds via character interaction (except one visually stunning plane sequence) but is very interesting.
Speilberg paints the cold war era and berlin wall sequences very vividly.
  The movie though not ‘the’ greatest is a pretty good one. Watch it for Spielberg’s direction and Tom Hank’s performance.

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