How it feels to be a new ‘star wars’ fan.



   Believe it or no I had no idea what ‘star wars’ was until i played the ‘angry birds: star wars’ game. Funny thing is though we used to play with the plastic lightsaber toys in childhood, I never knew they were based on a movie and this comes somebody who considers himself a movie buff. May be that’s because the hollywood movies I watched were limited to 80s action movies, major blockbusters like jurassic park (though I missed star wars), superhero movies, harry potter movies etc. Everyone is so excited for this movie. From the release of first teaser trailer, I have been witnessing the excitment. For someone who had never seen star wars, this was something like finding a age-old treasure.
   I decided to watch the original trilogy over a period of few days, so I can experience the anticipation of a star wars sequal. As I watched the original three films one by one, I uderstood why these films were universally loved and also ended up falling in love with the films myself. From the release of first trailer to the release of final trailer, I went from not knowing any thing about ‘star wars’ to being a new fan of star wars. Now I can share and enjoy the excitement and anticipation leading upto ‘Star wars : The force awakens.’ Cheers!!!!

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