Creed: Little moments that made the movie great.



  With ‘Creed’, Ryan Coogler gave  ‘Rocky’ series a new beginning.  It has also got the franchise back in the oscar talk. There is no denying the awesomeness of this movie and that the awesomeness  largely comes from many small but great moments scattered throughout the movie. Some funny, some sad and some pure nostalgia. Let’s see some of these little but memorable moments that made ‘Creed’ great. [SPOILERS ALERT]

“What was his name?”
From the very first scene, the movie establishes that this young kid is a fighter. When Mrs Creed shows up to adopt Adonis, she tells him that he had a father who died before he was born.  Young Adonis naturally asks,” what was his name?” and BAM!!! The title  ‘CREED’ comes on screen. This moment confirmed the awesomeness of the movie that will follow.

“He should have been here…”
   Adonis asks Rocky to train him when they first meet. But Rocky knows better. He tries to convince Adonis to not take up the dangerous occupation that killed his father. As Adonis shows no signs of backing off, Rocky tells Adonis that he regrets not stopping the fight and his father should have been here telling him all this. This moment is sure to make you teary-eyed regardless wheather you loved Rocky 4 or not.

Here we go again…
    After Adonis wins his first fight with Rocky Balboa as his trainer, the news leaks that the rookie fighter Adonis Johnson is actually a ‘Creed’ blood. The manager of the british Boxing champion Ricky Conlan decides to take advantage of this situation by pitting Young Creed against his own client for a charity event. When the manager calls Rocky to arrange a business meeting, Rocky knows where this all is going and he sighs,”oh god…”
The expressions on Stallone’s face are hilarious in that moment.

“Why you lookin at the door, unc?”
   Apparently Rocky doesn’t know how to surprise someone, as evidenced in this hilarious scene. Rocky wants to surprise Adonis as he has apparently convinced Bianca to come to England to support Adonis during his fight. But he cannot control his excitement and keeps looking at the door. When Bianca does show up at the door and rings the bell, Rocky wonders who might that be with a innocent face of a mischievous kid.
     Rocky even shares some words of wisdom with Adonis. “Remember women weaken legs..”  Rocky tells Adonis as he leaves him and bianca alone in the room. I wonder if someone had to clean their sofa.

The last Round
  I was surprised by the absence of the iconic ‘Rocky’ theme throughout the movie (except maybe in one or two scenes) even the training montage and the victory lap had different theme playing (which wasn’t as memorable as The ‘Rocky’ theme) They did a clever thing here. Instead of hamming the theme over and over again, they saved it for the moment when it will make the maximum impact. When Adonis rises from his corner for that last round, and the iconic thene starts playing, many people in the theatre screamed and clapped including me.

One step at a time..
   One thing the movie wants us to tell from the beginning is that Rocky is old. From the ‘cloud’ joke to him not taking any physical part in the training, the movie tells it effectively. When Adonis wins the big climactic match, Rocky takes him to the iconic steps of Philadelphia Museum of Art. But this time Rocky gets tired quickly and can’t climb those steps. But Adonis won’t let him give up. He encourages him to climb the steps one at a time. Rocky then completes the steps and emeges triumphant in his fight just as Adonis did.

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