The Good Dinosaur- Its okay to be scared.



     So I went to watch ‘The Good Dinosaur’, Pixar’s second movie this year after ‘Inside Out’ and found myself In a theatre packed with kids and their parents. While Pixar’s most films are family oriented, this one according to most reviews was more of a children-oriented. So I was skeptical going in. is kinda children-oriented but its message is for everyone.
    The film tells the story of Arlo, a  young dinosaur who can’t overcome his fear and is thrown into the cruel world to do it the hard way. As a companion in his journey is a unlikely but cute ally, a human kid. Together they face many obstacles, meet new people, some friendly and some not so friendly.
    I did feel a connection with Arlo, I found him relatable. I am also scared many things. Everyone is scared of something.  But we dont have to be bogged down due to that fear. This is a great message for both children and grownups.


    Overall ‘The Good Dinosaur’ is a beautifully animated film with cute and relatable characters like Arlo and Spot. The visuals are stunning. The film makes creative use of the world where Dinosaurs are dominant species and humans are like their pets. I also loved the short-film ‘Sanjay’s SuperTeam’ which showcases the land of vast imagination that is the mind of a child.

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