Movie Highlight: ‘Before Sunrise’, the first romantic movie I loved in a long while.



First off,  I am not at all into romantic movies. I can’t stand that genre. I love romantic songs and I can appreciate a good romance sub-plot in, say a action or sci-fi (like Sarrah Connor and Kyle Reese In the terminator). But a movie  purely about a two people’s unconditional love to each other and the obstacles they face mostly turns me off. May be this is because I hadn’t come across a really great romantic movie yet. All I had seen till now is either a unrealistic melodrama or a creepy stalker’s tale of one sided love in which the girl inexplicably falls in love with him. But ‘Before Sunrise’, Starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy did not only manage to make me watch the whole of it but also made me fall In love with two main characters and thus also got me excited to watch the two sequels to this movie.
   Ethan Hawke is a really interesting guy to me. He chooses scripts which are really interesting no matter the genre, be it Sci-fi (Predestination, Gattaca) or horror ( Sinister) etc. This are few Ethan Hawke movies I have seen and loved. When I read about ‘Before Sunrise’ on Imdb, I found this one interesting too. But I had no intention of watching it anytime soon due to my general non-interest in romantic movies.
     Recently a Indian film ‘Bajirao Mastani’ was released. It was supposed to be about a great napoleon-esque warrior but with more emphasis on his affair with a woman warrior. Though I am a huge history buff, I was apphrensive about the movie as the previous movies of the director of the said movie were Over-The -top romantic melodrama. When I finally started watching the movie on mobile (Downloaded from  torrent),  first 20 minutes, I was like, What great visuals? What a great battle sequence? I regretted not going to theatre to watch the movie. But as soon  the first battle sequence ended and the two warriors Bajirao and Mastani started their so called romance, I was like, fuck this shit!!! I dont wanna watch it!! And thus I quit after merely half an hour. When I told a friend of mine about this, he mocked me like “Dude, what? you didn’t like the romance?” for some reason. After that a question popped into my mind. Am I even capable of appreciating a romantic movie? Or I can’t understand love because I’m single? Finally when Youtube Critic Chris Stuckmann ( whom I respect a lot) revealed in a video that ‘Before sunrise and its sequel were two of his favourite romantic movies,  I decided to finally watch them.


‘Before Sunrise’ was a tale of two young strangers who spend their one day in vienna and get to know each other and fall in love during their brief time together. This was simple movie about normal peoole getting to know each other through random conversations. There were not long complicated dramatic dialogues. The two characters just have fun with each other and you also feel great watching them having fun. The characters are extremely likable. Many scenes stand out which made me feel that this is a great romantic movie. I am getting this urge to show this movie to everyone and say, “Watch this, this is a awesome movie.” In the end I only want to say that may be there are actaully some romantic movies which I don’t know about and I’m gonna find them and I’m gonna watch them.

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