Novels with novelties: Murder, science, inspiration and just wierd stuff.

“This is my 50th blog post. I want to say thanks to the people who have read my blog till now, are reading now and will read in future. Thanks to the people who encouraged me, supported me and gave valuable feedback. Thank you guys!!!!”

  I haven’t written enough posts about books and games as much as I have done for movies. Since, the subtitle of my blog is ‘For the love of movies, books and games..’, I intend to live up to it. Thus I present to you a list of few books I read recently and have felt the need to talk about them and recommend them.To my own surprise, the list is dominated by non-fiction books. So lets a look at the ‘Novels with novelties’…

‘Dust and Shadow’ By
Lyndsay Faye


   I can’t stop myself writing about this novel. This may be probably the fourth or so post I am mentioning ‘Dust and Shadow’. Guess Why? This is a Sherlock Holmes adventure and that too a adventure which pits the great detective against the notorious serial killer ‘Jack The Ripper’!!
   A Fictional account of the real life murders which took place in infamous Whitechapel district of victorian london in late 1880s, Authour Lyndsay Faye imagines how Sherlock Holmes  and Dr. Watson would have tackled the case which shocked whole Britain and is still unsolved after more than 100 years.
   A equally thrilling and chilling tale of murder, mystery and mahyem, ‘Dust and Shadow’ Is surely worth your time.

‘The Art of Creative Thinking’ by
Rod Judkins


  Got this one as a Secret Santa gift from a friend. Authour Rod Judkins presents us with a in-depth look at how a creative mind works and how it should work. The book is filled with advices and ancedotes, collected from lives of creative people from all fields and is supppsed to be a non-linear read.                
     Weather you are a writer, film-maker, architect, painter or even a young businessman, if you are waiting for that creative spark, you should open this book and read any chapter.

The Killer of Little Sheperds By Douglas Starr


    A True Crime story set around 1900s,  ‘The Killer Of Little Sheperd tells the Story of serial killer Josef Vacher who terrorised the French countryside and killed twice as many as victims as the other gentleman mentioned above, Jack The Ripper. The reason I read  this book was not Joseph Vacher or his crimes, the reason were two men, as it turned out, first,  Émile Fourquet who was the investigating magistrate  and second, Dr. Alexandre Lacassagne, who was a leading Criminolgist of that era and helped developed the Science of forensic which would eventually seal the fate of Josef Vacher.
  ‘Killer of  Little Sheperds’ gives an account of the early days of forensic and criminal science, theories and techniques, conceptions and misconceptions about crime and criminals, justice and police systems of that era. Did you know that it was bielived that people were born criminals and that being criminal was a physical condition, that if you had certain dent in your brain or if you had certain shape of forehead or if you looked just plain ugly, you were considered a criminal? This book is filled with tons of such information and I am just halfway done reading it.
    Wheather you are sucker for crime stories, a history buff or interested in forensic and criminal science, ‘Killer of Little sheperds’ is sure to keep you busy.

Total Recall By
Arnold Schwarzenegger


    This man is one of my favourite actors. I greatly admire the interesting films he chose to work in and thus I wanted to know more about him. So I picked ‘Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story’ and found myself admiring  and respecting the person behind the action hero I loved so much.
  ‘Total Recall’ is worth reading not just for movie fans. It is much more than that. Because Arnold is much more than a action star. A Bodybuilder( seven times no less), a smart business man, a politician who promoted health and sports for all kids including underpriviliged.
   You’ll get to read bodybuilding tips from seven times Mr. Universe, insights into the hollywood film industry from a guy who made it to the top of the A-list. Arnold even opens up about his much talked about affair with his maid. So I suggest you get ‘Total Recall’ to know the man behind the muscles and one-liners.

The minds of Billy Milligan by
Daniel Keyes


    This is the one with wierd stuff I mentioned above. An account of a important chapter in psychology and medical world, ‘The Minds of Billy Milligan’ tells the real life story of William Milligan who was arrested for a series of roberries and rapes but was revealed to be suffering from multiple personality disorder, with no less than 24 different personalities in one body. The 24 personalities included a intelligent British man, a escape artist, a eight year boy, a three year old child. One of the personality was a lesbian woman who had comitted the rapes.
    ‘The Minds of Billy Milligan’ focuses on the events before Billy Milligan’s arrest (Billy’s traumatic childhood involving a abusive step-father, the rise of the multiple personalities from the traumatic experiences) as well as the events after Billy’s arrest (the lawyers’ struggle to prove Billy innocent by plea of insanity and the doctors’ efforts to understand this complex psychological puzzle.)
   The book reads like a page-turning medical thriller, with a fascinating depiction of the 24 personalities housing Billy’s body and their interaction with each other inside the mind. A truly weird but tragic and captivating tale, ‘The minds of Billy Milligan’ will get you thinking about the mysteries of  the mind.
    So these were my picks for the first edition of ‘Novels with novelties’. Which books managed to entice you? Pick one or pick all, the choice is yours.


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