Movie Highlight: ‘Deadpool’, A great character introduction, an okay superhero movie.



I have conflicted thoughts about this one. I should be absoulutely loving this movie, but I am not. No movie is perfect. While ‘Deadpool’ has lots of really great stuff to talk about, there is also some not so good stuff.
Firsly, the good stuff. This film has nailed the character of Deadpool, the wise-cracking ‘merc with a mouth’ with twisted sense of humour. Every scene in which Ryan Reynolds appears as Deadpool, he shines. All the gags, all the jokes and fourth-wall breaking is really well done. The action is innovative. The love story surprisingly made me care for Wade Wilson. His struggle with his disfigured face is amazingly potrayed in a dialugue-less scene. The references to other superheroes movies including in-universe X-men movies extract well-deserved laughs. 
     Now, that we are done with good stuff, its time to turn to negatives. It is said that a movie is as good as its villain. So, even if we got an awesome hero in Deadpool, due to lack of compelling villain(s), there isn’t great opposing force to Deadpool and the movie is robbed off any tension and conflict. While its great to see Deadpool tying-in with X-Men universe, the roles of Collosus and SuperSonic Teenage Warhead are just glorified cameos. The movie which is a revenge story at its core, lacks enough twist and turns. Because of all this reasons, inspite of being a great character introduction for Deadpool, overall movie feels average. However, I feel repeat viewings might change my opinion about ‘Deadpool’. Or they might not. See? Conflicting thoughts!!
     I realise this is a important moment for comic book fans, especially deadpool fans and I realise that the makers made this film for fans, to show them that they can do real ‘Deadpool’ (unlike the Wolverine: Origins version) and they have proven that well with this movie. I just want to welcome the real Mr. Deadpool into the golden age of comic movies and wish him best for the future of his franchise and sequels.

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