Movie Highlight: ‘Neerja’, take a bow, makers!!



(Praise for the poster: look at it!! It gives you the gist of the story and gets you hooked all in one still.Thats how a movie poster should be.) Now towards the the movie…
     This the third film this year (Following Natsamrat and Airlift) for which I have heard claps in the theatre.
   ‘Neerja’, starring Sonam kapoor is Biographical drama based upon Air Hostess Neerja Bhanot who saved 359 passengers on board a Pan am flight hijacked by terrorists.
     ‘Neerja’ managed to capture my attention from the very beginning.within  first 20 minutes, I was rooting for Neerja and his family from only those first few well written scenes. And when the shit starts going down, the hijacking starts, I was like this seating in the theatre. …


    And pretty much remained that way throughout the movie.
   The characters feel real and when they suffer you suffer too. You feel as if you are seating in that aeroplane with the passengers instead of watching a movie in the theatre.  Sonam Kapoor is perfect for the role of young bubbly girl and may have played it before but I did see Neerja Bhanot on screen instead Of Sonam Kapoor. Well played Sonam.
  The minor supporting cast such as plane passengers and flight crew are also so strongly potrayed that you root for them also when shit goes down. This is very point important and is one thing what the excellent ‘Airlift’ lacked a bit in my opinion. Even the terrorists are not all knowing one-note villains and are real human beings with emotions.
   I am trying to think if ‘Neerja’ had any neagtives as I like to mention both the goood things and bad things while giving my thoughts on a movie. But if I have to think to find any negatives in this movie, there probababy aren’t.
  Filled with a lot heart, this is one extraordinary tale of courage and bravery which surely deserves your money.

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