Movie Highlight: ‘Spotlight’, A gripping Newsroom drama.



Has a film ever made you seat and think both ‘what has this world become?’ And ‘there is still hope in this world’ simultaneously? ‘Spotlight’ did that for me.
  ‘Spotlight’, Directed by Tom Mccarthy is a Newsroom Drama starring Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel  McAdams and Liev Schreiber
   The film recounts the real life events of sexual child abuse scandal involving priests of catholic churches in Boston, USA. We follow a team of four investigative journalist as they try to uncover this shocking events.
    Though I was really interested in seeing this movie, I was actually worried that I might be not able to pay attention to the movie because being very sleepy after a long Journal-Completion stint. I entered the theatre hall and settled into the seat unusually comfortable for a movie theatre. But as the movie started, I found myself absorbed into the story and on the edge of my seat. Mind you, this is not your regular edge of the seat thriller. This is a movie which has characters do lot of talking and shuffling through papers and some more talking. Still the movie holds your interest and holds it till the end. This is not only because of the shocking events on which the movie is based on,  but this is because how the movie presents these events and people affected by them.


   For a film starring such well-known actors, you do see the characters going through journey, instead of the actors. All the actors,  even the actors who have only one or two scenes shine in their roles. Instead of going all out intense all the performances are what Youtube Critic Chris Stuckmann rightly called, subdued. Special mention Mark Ruffalo and Michael keaton who steal the show with their naunced performances.
  Speaking of negatives, I really got none.
  A thought-provoking and Gripping newsroom drama, ‘Spotlight’ deserves the Oscar-buzz it is getting and is a ‘must watch.’
Update : ‘Spotlight’ wins Best Original Screenplay and Best picture awards for Oscar 2016!!!!

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