A 50 year old Affair – A poem.

To live here was a boon..
But, I’ll be leaving soon..

A 50 years I’ve been here..
When the floorboards creaked
Or the wondering visitors shrieked
Surely I was there..

The building stands like a skeleton
A skeleton not unlike mine…
Mine lays in a corner of a basement
The building’s lays on the side of the pavement..

Those bloody rodents…
Crawling and chewing and nibbling
My body lays there helpless..
and so does the building…

Contracts were made..
And the deals were sealed…
Nobody bothered to ask me..
Because nobody cared..

A Contract to demolish the building..
A deal to seal my fate…
A 50 years I’ve been here…
And they’ve been so great..

Alone I used to roam the corridoors
In peace I used to sleep
So what I had no one for company?
I was in love too deep..

Yes I was in love..
In love with this building…
an affair of 50 years..
And no one else meddling…

The end is near..
The end of my companion..
A 50 years she has stood here..
With me in her to bear..

She is tired, I can see it..
50 long seasons have done their work
May be this is the culmination..
The contract is her salvation..

I’ll be with her till her last breath…
And will endure every blow she takes..
because that’s what you do..
When your love is true..

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