Movie Highlight: ‘Zootopia’, 2016 is the year of me standing in the theatre and applauding.


Directed by:
Byron Howard, Rich Moore, Jared Bush

Voice Acting by:
Jared Bush (screenplay), Phil Johnston (screenplay), Byron Howard (story), Jared Bush (story), Rich Moore (story), Phil Johnston (story), Jennifer Lee (story), Josie Trinidad (story), Jim Reardon (story), Dan Fogelman (additional story material)

Voice Acting by:
Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman,Idris Alba, J. K. Simmons etc.

   As I came out of the theatre, I noticed a kid and his parents behind me. I looked at the kid and thought ‘kid, your are so lucky you are seeing this movie at this young age’ and then I looked at the parents and I thought ‘guys, this is parenting done right.’

   Animation has truly grown up. As a huge admirer of animation and someone who has much respect for those who make the so-called silly cartoons, I am so happy.
   The IMDb description for ‘Zootopia’ reads-
     ‘In a city of anthropomorphic animals, a fugitive con artist fox and a rookie bunny cop must work together to uncover a conspiracy.’
    From the first glance, you would think this is a kids movie, you would be SO wrong. This ‘animation’ film (and I am proudly putting animation in bold) comments on racism, equal rights for women and many other real world problems, and most importantly is a truly inspirational tale of (and for) who dare to dream, who dare to try even if they could fail. I loved this movie. I am so excited that I am writing this blog post standing on a footpath right outside the theatre.
    This could be modern version of ‘Animal farm’. This could be 2016’s ‘Inside Out’ (which won the oscar for best animation film).
   I dont want to get into technicalities like voice acting, cinematography or the 3-D or anything. I just want you guys to watch this movie and tell others to watch this movie.
   I don’t like to beg to readers to share my posts. I believe if what I have written is any good they will share it theneselves. But I can’t stress this enough. Share this post so more people will know about this movie and will go to watch it.
  BONUS: watch out for a great tribute to a classic hollywood movie and the truly inspirational song by Shakira.
   Now I gotta rush home to upload this. Ohh..I love watching movies and writing about them so much!!!!
     ——- —— ——- Fin. —— —— ——-

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