Movie Highlight: ‘Eye in the Sky’, A tense thriller about complex morals.


Directed by:
Gavin Hood

Written by:
Guy Hibbert (Screenplay)

Late Alan Rickman, Aaron Paul, Helen Mirren etc.
A few days ago, I saw the film ‘London has fallen’, the plot of which kicks off when the family of the main villain (who is a terrorist) is killed by a Drone attack by US army. After the movie, I thought,  Is Drone warfare really as simple as ‘London has fallen’ depicts?
   Co-incendentally, on the same day I saw the trailer for ‘Eye in the Sky’. Now that I have seen ‘Eye in the Sky’, I can certainly say one thing, No, it is not.



   ‘Eye in the sky’ is a complex tale of few people which are thrusted upon the responsibility to make the hard call to save innocent lives. This is the tale of moral struggle these people have to go through all their lives.
  The film is a edge-of-the-seat thriller but it never uses cheap thrills. It is filled with suspense from right from the beginning to the end.
     I am always amazed when a movie which primarly has characters just seating and talking or just looking at screens manage to capture your attention throughout with their powerful narrative. ‘Bridge of Spies’ and ‘Spotlight’ were two such recent films. ‘Eye in the Sky’ is one of them.
    With a incredibly tense third act and  Powerful performances by Aaron paul and Late Alan Rickman, ‘Eye in the Sky’ is a thrilling war drama and is surely a ‘must watch.’

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