Movie Highlight: ‘Rocky Handsome’, Nishikant-John Combination is back.


Directed by:
Nishikant Kamat

Written by:
Ritesh Shah (Adapted Screenplay)

Starring by:
John Abraham, Shruti Hassan, Nishikant Kamat etc.

A Director who knows to make good remakes and thrillers. A actor cut-out  to become an Action Star. The two team-up. I’m in.


     ‘Rocky Handsome’ is a new film by Nishikant kamat who has given us two good thrillers in the past namely ‘Force’ and ‘Drishyam’
which were Remakes of South indian Movies. This time around Nishikant Kamat is remaking ‘The man from nowhere’ which is a South-Korean action thriller.
   Despite the cheesy title and a not so impressive trailer, I decided to watch the movie out of respect for the Director.
First off, John abraham looks great and believable in the action role. Dude even does a Superhero landing. (Deadpool would be Proud.) He is born to do these kind of movies and definately should do more of these. 
  The Film is an Okay thriller but what elevates the movie emotionally is the bond between John Abraham’s Character Rocky and the little girl. The whole movie’s success hinges on  whether you care for their relationship.  And though the girl is not the greatest actor ( and neither is John), you do care for them.
   The problem with the action in this  movie is that even though its awesome to look at, there is seldom any tension, because we know that John’s character Rocky will win, because he is such a badass. The action gets interesting towards the end when Rocky meets his match in the main Villain’s Bodyguard. The last fight is action-gold. To my pleasent  surprise, the bodyguard, a minor character in the movie actually gets his own tiny story arc. Director Nishikant kamant who also plays the main Villain, shines. Shruti Hassan in a Special appearance has nothing much to offer.
    Not as Great as the director’s previous outings, ‘Rocky Handsome’ is film with some great action scenes, an awesome lead and a good emotional core to it. Watch it if you are fans of Action genre and John Abraham.

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