Movie Highlight: ‘The Jungle Book’, Adventure in its truest sense.


Directed By:
Jon Favreau

Written By:
Justin Marks (screenplay), Rudyard Kipling (book)

Neel Sethi as Mowgli and Voices of
Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, Idris Alba, Scarlett Johansson etc.(English Version)
Nana Patekar, Irrfan Khan, Om Puri, Priyanka Chopra etc. (Hindi Version)
   Note: I decided to see the movie in Hindi, because the amazing voice vast they assembled and also because I hoped  the Hindi song ‘Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai’ would make it into the movie somehow. (Sadly, it doesn’t.) So these are my thoughts on Hindi-dubbed Version of ‘The Jungle Book’.
    Another live action Adaptation of one  Disney’s Animated Movies.
   Director Of Original ‘Iron Man’ takes the Director’s Chair here as well and we get ready for the tour of the Jungle once again.
  After standing in the que unusually long for a morning show and tolerating the mismanagement of the theatre staff, we finally settled onto our seats. As the ‘Disney’ castle appeared and gave way for the title ‘The Jungle Book’, the crowd cheered and applauded and I got the feeling that we were in for something special. (okay, I did see the extremely positive reviews. But, still.)
   ‘The Jungle Book’ is a gorgeous looking, vibrantly-coloured tale of adventure brought to life by Director  Jon Favreau. The best thing about the movie are the visuals. as you may know, everything except the kid playing mowgli is CGI. The Jungle, the animals, all of it. You know what is the best CGI effect? its when you can’t recognise its CGI. This movie has one of the  best CGI-crafted characters and environment.  They look so real and you can see every detail and seeing those in one of the best 3D expireince is Just so awesome!!! well done VFX team!!!
   But good-looking CGI and 3-D effect don’t make a movie great. its the story and the characters.


       ‘The Jungle Book’ is a simple adventure story about a boy raised by wolves and his struggle with a blood-lusted tiger. but just because its simple, doesnt mean its not great. The movie unfolds like a true adventure story. The narration by Bageera helps to lend a adventurous and epic wibe to the movie.
   They say that the movie is as good as its villain. ‘The jungle Book’ is lucky in that case as Sher Khan is a great Villain. Though he has a relatively limited screen-time, Sher khan is a menacing and chills- inducing in few great scenes. I would have loved to see more of Sher Khan. Nana patekar’s Voice for Sher Khan is one of the best decisions the Movie makes. Irrfan Khan as Ballu the bear is amazingly hilarious. But other characters like Akela the leader of wolves are not as developed. Priyanka Chopra as Kaa The snake has seductive presence,  but has nothing much to offer.
   I did not grew-up watching the Animated version. I only remember bits and Pieces. but I can imagine one’s happiness and excitement of seeing their childhood memories get such a great treatment. This is such a good movie that I feel disney should leave the movie as a Stand-Alone adaptation instead of following up with needless inferior sequels. But it is possible that they would go ahead for a sequel as they chose Jon Favreau as the director whose ‘Iron Man’ launched Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU), one of the Biggest and successful movie franchises. So fingers crossed for a worthy sequel, if it ever happens.
   ‘The Jungle Book’ is a tale of adventure in its truest sense, which will manage to entice you wheather you are 5-year old kid or father of that 5 year old kid. So make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing tour of the Jungle.

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