Movie Highlight: ‘Bho Bho’, Prashant Damle’s out to prove a dog innocent.



  A Dog is accused of killing his mistress in a fit of rage. An Amateur dog lover detective steps in to investigate. How could I miss this one?
  ‘Bho Bho’ is a Detective thriller written and directed by Bharat Gayakwad and  Starring one of the biggest actor from marathi theatre, Prashant Damle.
  ‘Bho Bho’ has a premise which can be either unique and interesting or silly and childish depending upon how it is executed. When I saw the poster for this movie (the one shown in the pic above), I was intrigued as well as skeptical. Then I totally forgot about this movie.
   Today while checking shows for Shahrukh khan’s ‘Fan’, I stumbled upon this movie again. After reading that this is a murder mystery, I couldn’t afford to miss this one. Obivuosly Shah Rukh Khan had to wait. Did I bite my own leg by choosing to watch this movie? Lets see.
  The best thing about this movie is Prashant Damle. He delivers compelling performance as a middle-class insurance officer with a soft spot for dogs. His amatuer detective ‘Vyankatesh Bhonde’ is a delight to watch. He is funny and more importantly he is clever. Prashant Damle elevates the movie with not just with comedy but also with a emotional performance.
   The Screenplay starts out strong and moves fast. It is towards the end that the film struggles to find a satisfying resolution to its unique premise. There are many scenes which are quite briiliant while some other which come off as childish or forced. But the movie is sure to tug the heart-strings of animal lovers.
  Over all, ‘Bho Bho’ is a entertaining murder mystery with a unique twist. Watch it for Prashant Damle’s performance and its unique take on ‘whodunit’ genre.

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