Movie Highlight: ‘Fan’, its SRK vs SRK in this tale of Obsession and revenge.



  A superstar faces off against a former obsessive fan hellbent on destroying his life. Who will emerge victorious?
   First off,I wanna congratulate Writer and Director Manish Sharma to give us Shah rukh Khan the actor. After several not so good choices, SRK made a pretty interesting and ambitious choice by doing this movie.
    As most of the people would have seen the movie by the time I am writing this (due to exams and shit), I am gonna keep this short.
   ‘Fan’ serves as a great show case for acting prowess of Shah Rukh Khan. There are pretty awesome ideas  scattered throughout the movie. The first 40 minutes or so were great and that is how the movie should have been till the end. Right after we get the first action scene in the movie (Police chasing Guarav as he jumps from window to window), the movie starts getting unrealistic and you keep thinking ‘that wouldn’t happen that way but it is happening because screenplay writer wrote it.’
    Supposedly, the premise of ‘Fan’ is copied from hollywood movie ‘The Fan’.
I haven’t seen that movie, so I  cant comment on this. But I did see some similarities to superhero flicks ‘The incredibles’ and ‘Iron Man 3’. (spolier alert for iron man 3 and The incredibles ahead if you haven’t seen them.)
     These two flicks too have kind of same idea- ‘The admirer turns against his idol after being dissapointed by the idol. Now, these two films are Sci-Fi action movies. They are allowed to go a bit unrealistic. ‘Fan’ Decides to amp up the ‘obscessive fan’ quationt to insane level, but starts to lose it  as we see two SRKs (one of which is supposed to be a 48 year old actor and another a common man from delhi) jumping from rooftops to rooftops, doing insane stunts. Sure it looks cool, but you are not involved in the story because you don’t believe it. There is no proper reason given for why they are able to do and willing to do this breath-taking, potentially life-threatening stunts. ‘Fan’ would have been much better if the writer hadn’t included  the insane action stuff or at least had taken more efforts to justify it.
   Over all  ‘Fan’ is a SRK show all the way with a intersting story which would have been great to see if it had been handled as a Pychological thriller instead of a action thriller.

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