Movie Highlight: ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’, Only the strong will survive.



Written by:
Simon Kinberg (screenplay), Bryan Singer (story), Simon Kinberg (story), Michael Dougherty (story), Dan Harris (story)

Directed by:
Brian Singer

James Mcovoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Miachel Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult etc.

    Mutants face their biggest opponent yet, en-sabah-nur, the first mutant ever born and he has some pretty apocalyptic plans. Will X-men able to stop him?
   X-Men films always have been mostly about relationships of mutants with rest of humanity and the relationship between mutants themselves. They have seldom tackled themes such as global extinction as much as most of other superheroes movies. Though ‘X-Men Days of future past’ showed us glimpse of post-apocalyptic world, it still adhered to relationships mentioned above. With ‘X-Men: Apocolypse’, Director Brian Singer finally gives first major villain after Magneto and he is hell-bent on destroying the world.
   Sure, there are buildings destroyed, there is spectacular action, but ‘X-Men: Apocolypse’ still works best during the character moments. Mystique’s changed status quo after what happened during ‘Days of future past’, Magneto’s life since those same events are some of strong character arcs of the movie.
   The first half is kind of slow, taking its time to set-up villain, introducing new (and reintroducing old) characters. The problem is that there isn’t much time spent for their character development. They are just introduced and then get thrown into action. This may turn off some (or most) people. Even though the first half manages to be engaging, it hurts to the rest of the movie that we don’t care that much about the characters (except off-course, Charles and eric, it helps that we have known them for so many movies.)
   The now-famous Quicksilver scene from ‘Days of future past’ is topped by a much cooler scene in this one. But, the actual reason that he shows up in movie feels forced.
   While ‘Days of future past’ handled its Time-Travel Scenario pretty well, the use of End of world Scenario in ‘X-Men: apocolypse’ feels just your regular ‘world at stake’ event movie, which have seen in countless movies before.
    After a Great villain set-up, Oscar Issac as menacing en-sabah-nur,  doesn’t get to do much.
   As I am thinking about the movie more and more, I am coming up more and more negative things to write, which is never a good thing. The movie’s tagline reads ‘Only the strong will survive’. Ironically, Come to think of it, ‘X-men: Apocalypse’ just feels a weak entry in the mutant saga, with some great character moments.
      Hope Wolverine’s third and so-called ‘Last’ stand-alone movie, performs better. Otherwise, hey, Deadoool 2 is on the way!!

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3 thoughts on “Movie Highlight: ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’, Only the strong will survive.

  1. I’m all superheroed out. I went and saw Civil War and reviewed it for my own movie blog ( if you’re interested in my shameless plug) and I think it’s just all done to death. Had Apocalypse been released in 2008, it would’ve been reviewed just fine. It’s just so… repetitive…


    1. Yes. Repetitive is one word which aptly describes the newest X-Men. Checked your review of Civil war. Very well written but I don’t agree on most points, maybe because I am a superhero fan and yet to be superheroed out.


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