Tv Highlight: ‘11.22.63’, James Franco goes back in time to save JFK.



    A literature teacher goes back in time to 1960s, to prevent assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Can he change the past when past itself doesn’t want to be changed?
     Me and my younger brother had just finished watching two amazing seasons of ‘The flash’ back to back. It was kind of first TV Series my brother had watched (he’s not into this stuff that much.) Then one day, he says to me, “I am really bored, tell me a tv series to watch.” Getting excited, I suggested him to watch  Daredevil or person of interest ( I am on season 2 of person of interest.), to which he replies “tell me a Tv Series that we can watch together.. something  you haven’t watched yet. I don’t want you to keep telling me what happens next.”
     So I after giving it some thought , I decided we should watch ‘11.22.63’. Its based on a stephen King story, has an intersting plot and has got great reviews. So ‘Person of interest’ took backseat as I started with episode one of ‘11.22.63’. At the time of writing this, my brother still hasn’t watched the first episode (he has got studies to do, 10 th standard, very important!) While I am already three episodes down (I am so done studying) And I am loving it.


      Based on Stephen King Novel of same name, ‘11.22.63’ is an eight- episode mini-series starring James Franco (Spider-man, Rise of the planet of the apes) with J.J.Abrams and Stephen King serving as an executive producers and Brian Nelson writing tv adaptation.
    I am sucker for anything remotely related to time-travel. The Flash, X-Men: Days of future past, Men in black 3, Terminator, Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban are just few of my favourites that immidiately come to mind.
      While ‘11.22.63’, hooked me with its interesting time-travel plot,  its the treatment and atmosphere of the story that made kept me go back to watch the next episode. It feels every bit like a Stephen King book.Though not a traditional King horror story, it does have some genuine tension-filled and creepy moments.The characters feel like real people. James franco is believable as a man out of his time.
    I have a really limited knowledge of 1960s america and the politics of that era. But, that doesn’t stop me from being engaged into story and see what happens next. From what I can understand, ‘11.22.63’ depicts the 1960s well, even the racism and prejudices against homosexuals.
     “If you try to fuck with the past, the past fucks you back”, says one of the character in the Series. I am really interested in seeing James Franco being fucked by the past. If you are too, I suggest start watching ‘11.22.63’. Adios.

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