Movie Highlight: ‘Conjuring 2’, you don’t wanna miss this one or do you?



  The Warrens return with another tale of haunting and we find ourselves in theatres with our butts glued to our seats and our hands glued in front of our eyes.
   Flashback, 2013, I see a article in a newspaper about some horror movie which is really scary and as ‘rotten tomatoes’ would describe it , is certified fresh. The article goes in depth about what makes this movie so scary, so different and so better from other countless horror movies. My curiosity piqued, I decide to watch this movie and open the advertisement and entertainment pages of the newspaper. The Ad for the the movie is there, with a handful of theatres listed below. To my ‘horror,’ there isn’t a single theatre screening the Hindi-dubbed version. Being a ‘can’t-watch-a-english movie-in english-as-its hard-to-undetstand -what characters-are-saying-and-thus-it-ruins-the-movie’ type of guy, and not knowing where any of those theatres are, I throw the newspaper away and there goes my chance to see ‘The Conjuring’ in theatre.
    Years and years go by..ok.. may be not that many years,  but after a year or so.. I watch ‘The Conjuring’ on my tiny mobile Screen (may be the first movie I watched decidedly in english), and I immediately regret not watching it in theatre.
   Flash-forward, 2016, having trained myself in watching english movies in english and having watched those movies In as many different theatres as possible, its time to talk about the much-anticipated sequel, ‘Conjuring 2’.
   Its no small task to be the follow-up to the ‘The Conjuring’, and the makers of the ‘Conjuring 2’  know it well. Director James Wan and the writers ensure that we get a worthy sequel.
  The movie has the scary-quotient that the first movie had, plus this one goes more in depth about the relationship of Ed And Lorraine Warren. The film is a love story at its core (and a great one at that) and it just happens so that the couple in love hunt ghosts for living.
   As with the first ‘Conjuring’, the jumpscares come at unexpected places, are effective and actually help the story move forward. The ‘Hide and clap’ sequence from first ‘Conjuring’ has found its match in this one. If you have seen the movie you know which scene I am talking about.
   The atmosphere of 1970s england feels a welcome change. The Climax of the movie is emotionally- charged.
  Speaking of negatives, a Particular scene makes use of CGI which feels out of place for this movie. Some scenes remind you of other James Wan flick ‘Insidious’.
   Overall, ‘Conjuring 2’ is a strong movie which continues the Warren family Saga and makes us want to see more their cases unfold onscreen. So, come on Warner Brothers, we are ready for ‘Conjuring 3’.

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