A pleasant Experience at the movie theatre, Pvr Phoenix, Lower parel.

    Everytime I watch a movie, there is something about that movie, good or bad, compels me to write a blog on it.  But this time its not the movie but something which happened at the movie theatre that complels me to write this particular one.
    I went to Watch ‘Teen’, a mystery thriller at the theatre ‘Pvr Phoenix Lower Parel’. Being a Sucker for mystery-thrillers and having missed watching ‘Kahaani’ on big screen ( I feel insanely guilty when I miss watching a good movie in theatre), I was so excited to watch this one. While the movie was not good as I wanted it to be, and thus did not compel to write a blog, an incident at the movie theatre did.
  As I left the theatre after watching the movie and thinking about the steller performance of Amitabh Bacchan and how great the first half was while how ‘mehh’ the second half was..(had to sqeeze in a mini-review of movie), stopped myself from entered a bookshop to save spending money for upcoming movies and caught a bus home, I noticed that my wallet had no money. I immediately got down and searched again. No trace of money.. I tried to remember where could have the money gone. After giving it a thought, it came to me that I was so excited to watch the movie that I had forgotten to take change after byuing rhe ticket. I had forgotten to take my 350rs. Back.    
    Having heard the general reputation of malls and theatres in this kind of cases, I stood there on the road, certain that the excitement of the movie had cost me my money. Still, I decided to ask them. I went back the same route I had came, but this time the excitement for the film had been replaced by worry.
       I approached the ticket counter and told the counter guy my situation. He asked which show I had attended and then excused me as he went to talked to the manager.
     I followed him and watched him taking to the manager from a distance. The manager then looked at me and went somewhere inside where I couldnt see him. He came back soon and just asked me if it was a guy or girl at the counter when I purchased the ticket. I told him it was a guy. Then he left again. I took out the ticket and tried to remember more details about the guy at the counter, should the need arise. I remembered that he had encountered problem while using the credit card machine for one of the customers before me. I was thinking all this when the Manager returned with my money in his hand. I was so surprised. He gave me the money back and said sorry for the inconvenience. I replied it was actually my own mistake that I had forgotten to take the money back and thanked him for the help. This all stuff happened in just few minutes within I told them the situation.
  We all usually complain about how bad the management of movie theatres is, so I thought it is my responsibility to share this incident when they do their job right and do it so efficiently. So take a bow, Pvr Phoenix!!

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