Movie Highlight: ‘Raman Raghav 2.0’, Don’t open the door!!


  A pyschopathic serial killer crosses paths with a drug-addicted cop. The streets and slums of Mumbai turn into a playground for a deadly cat and mouse game.
   Believe it or not, this is first Anurag Kashyap film I have watched. I am yet to see the ‘Wasseypur’ series or any of his other movies. This one too I found interesting because, because I love serial killers. I find them very fascinating. Plus it has Nawazzudin Siddiqui.(admit it..this guy was born to play a serial killer.) So, I went into theatre at least to see a great serial killer potrayal. Did I get that?
  Yes I did. Nawazuddin terrifies us with his absolutely stunning performance. You are always on the edge of the seat thinking what he might do next. The first half of the movie is gripping including some chilling sequences involving the said serial killer’s Sister. While Amruta Subhash as the sister and Ashok Lokhande as her husband give memorable performances in their brief roles, the other lead actor Viki kaushal as the drug-addict cop is no-match for his co-stars. Also His character’s arc bogs down the story in the second half. The story is told in Tarrantino-style chapters which gives a feel like reading a novel. The movie tries to make the serial killer preachy towards the end, which feels forced. Speaking of the ending, ‘unexpected’ is how I would I describe it.
  The music really helps elevate creepy quotient, also special mention for the crazy opening credits.
  The slums and streets add to the authenticity and make you that more horrified that the guy standing next to you might not be a pyschopathic serial killer.
  Over-all, ‘Raman Raghav 2.0’ is a atmospheric thriller held together and elevated by Nawazzudin’s performance and bogged down by its some what weak story. Do give it a watch for Nawaz’s sheer brilliance.

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