Book Highlight: ‘The Bottoms’, Murder,Mahyem and racism abounds in 1930s America.



  A man recounts the tale of serial killings that took place in his small village in 1930s America  during the great depression when he was a kid.
  ‘The Bottoms’ is a Murder-mystery novel written by Author Joe R. Lansdale. But it’s far from your typical murder-mystery or detective novel.
  I am always looking for books which arrest my attention by their interesting blurb. (Blurb is the write-up on the back-cover of the book.)
   The blurb of ‘The Bottoms’ promised mutilated murders ( they always hook me), the 1930s setting which allows storytelling with social commentary and most importantly a tale of murder-mystery unfolding through a Child’s eyes.
  The racial prejudices and the consequences of those prejudices play vital part in this murder mystery and make for some interesting social commentary.
    The murders serve as a catalyst for the changing dynamics of relationship between the village constable and his teenage son. We follow the father-son pair as the father tries to explain the son the stuff every father must explain at some point and as the son tries earn his father’s respect while getting sucked into a exciting but dangerous adventure.
  An atmospheric murder mystery wrapped around a coming of age tale, ‘The bottoms’ makes for a damn thrilling as well as emotinal read.

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