The Sphere – A tale of finding love and losing it.

The day shone bright and sun burned hot
The sun would burn me too or so I thought

suddenly the bright went dark and the night was here
And on that black canvas was a tiny white sphere

It glowed bright and I closed my eyes.
A moment went and I peeked at skies.

I saw the sphere smile
It urged me to come near.

I looked up and then I looked down.
My body rising and feet no longer on ground.

I waved my hands and kicked the air.
Struggling for the ground
And wondered if I could reach up there.

I rose and rose
above all birds and above all planes
I could see the dots on ground and also the crawling trains.

I looked up and saw the sphere.
The glow brighter than sun and a smile so rare.

I wasn’t burning and feared no more
I was going to embrace it
just few moments more

I reached the sphere and opened my hands
When I saw the tears in those beautiful eyes.

I lept to the eyes and tried wiping them clean.
Eyes so beautiful that the tears were afraid to leave.

Devoid of the tears, the eyes smiled too
And I smiled back as wide as I could do.

Then I felt a jerk and I was falling down.
My hands grasping thin air and eyes on the the hard ground.

for the last time, I looked at the sphere
its smile the widest
And its glow brighter than ever.

The realisation struck me as I hit the ground.
The sphere was to glow forever
And my destiny was just to look at it from down.

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