Movie Highlight: ‘Lights Out’, Are you afraid of the dark?



  A mother befriends an entity who can only be seen in dark. The daughter and the son struggle to get rid of their traumas and save their mother.

  If you’ve been on internet for several years, you’ve probably seen the short film that inspired this film. The Short-film, also named ‘Lights Out’, made a lot of buzz around Hollywood, as the two-minute clip managed to touch upon universal fear of the dark.
  Now, in its feature length adaptation, Director David F. Sandberg (who also wrote and directed the short), and horror film-maker James Wan, sitting on the producer’s chair for the first time,
bring a more elaborate attempt of making us ‘afraid of the dark’. Do they succed?
  Right from Opening Scene, you get the pretty clear idea that this is not one of those ‘false-jumpscare-filled’ and ‘dumb-character’populated’ films as the characters here actually do clever things (like running away as fast as you can when you see a shadow in dark) which makes you say -that guy deserves to live. Special mention for the boyfriend character Brett, you are gonna love that guy.
  Wan is known for spinning a new take on horror cliches. This time too, the movie uses its inventive premise of ‘a ghost which only appears in dark’ to its full advantage in providing some great tension-filled and spooky moments.
   The movie also shines as a family drama, as the kids try to understand what is going with their mother. The psychological horror of a having a mentally unstable parent really hits as hard as (if not more than) any good traditional scare.
  One other thing I’d like to praise is that the movie take its premise and not only makes most of it, but it sticks to it, not wasting any time on needless subplots or setting up sequals. (Though there is bound to be a sequel).
  Overall, a strong, inventive Horror movie with a family drama at its centre, ‘Lights Out’, is a rather enjoyable watch.


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