Tv Highlight: ‘Stranger Things’, A Nostalgia-packed tale of friendship, adventure and conspiracy.



     A group of friends in a sleepy town embark on a mission to find their friend who has mysteriously disappeared. Their mission turns extra-ordinary as they encounter some ‘stranger things’ during their quest and not all of them are friendly.

  ‘Stranger Things’ is everything I or for that matter, anyone, would ask from a form of entertainment. There’s adventure, there’s mystery, there’s good ole’ conspiracy to get to bottom of, there are monsters and there is a kid with superpowers. What more you can ask for?
  ‘Stranger Things’ is a 8-episode Netflix series By ‘Duffer Brothers’ and is getting a lot of buzz and praises since it released sometimes back.The Duffer Brothers’ treatment of the series,it’s 80s setting, throwing in every pop culture reference possible, homaging and taking influences many great movies from that era and still standing on its own, is what makes it so enjoyable to watch.
    The influences are many, From Stephen King to ‘E.T.: Extra-terrestrial’, and everything in-between. This makes the series a high dosage of nostagia. Hell, it reminded me so much of  ‘Koi Mil  Gaya’, which was the indian adaptation of ‘E.T.’ , which most of kids from 2000’s grew up watching.
  Even admist all these, the series never loses its focus from the story, as we follow the friends on their adventure, witness a mother’s desparate attempts to find her missing kid and a police officer’s efforts to make sense of strange happenings in his town.
  For a series that largely focuses on kids, ‘Stranger Things’ never lets you realise you are watching ‘child actors’.
  The Kids look as if they live in your neighbourhood and they act like any normal kid would. Winova Ryder as the mother of the missing kid and 12 year old Milly Bobby Brown as Eleven really great performances. 
‘Stranger things’ is a adventure you wish you were a part of with your own best friends. Go, give it a watch!!

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