Movie Highlight:’Suicide Squad’, DC Villains are out to do some good!!



    A group of criminals and supervillains is assembled to fight a threat much bigger. But can the worst villains do the hero’s job for once?

   I could just say that ‘Suicide Squad’ is worst movie ever, that it is the final nail in the coffin of ‘DCEU’. But I am not gonna say it. Because it is not.
     It is tricky to write a review of ‘Suicide Squad’ because you risk sounding like either a DC fanatic or a DC hater.
  So, does ‘Suicide Squad’ deserve the harsh negative reviews it got or is it the best movie ever? The answer lies somewhere in the middle.
  The thing with  ‘Sucide Squad’ is for every good stuff you can find in it, you can also find some bad stuff.
Firstly, we get to see much more of the universe, which was started in ‘Man Of Steel’. There is lot of world buiding going on.
    There is Will Smith as ‘DeadShot’, there is Margot Robbie As ‘Harley Queen’ and Jared Leto As ‘The Joker’ which alone would give you the worth the price of your ticket. They are awesome in their roles.Then there is Jai Courtney as ‘Captain Boomerang’, surprising everyone with his charismatic and funny performance. There is Jay hernandez as ‘Diablo’, providing some great emotional moments and there is Viola Davis as ‘evil’ Amanda Waller.    
    This awesome cast combined with all the cameos and the soundtrack definitely makes the film enjoyable and for this, you should definitely give ‘Sucide Squad’ a watch.
   Now, onto the not so great stuff. Although the introduction of the Squad members and seeing them team up is fun, the mission they are on, and the threat they are facing is where the film falters. The ‘weak villain’ curse which most of the Marvel movies suffer ftom, is unfortunately present in ‘Suicide Squad’ also.  While Jared Leto is awesome as  ‘The Joker’, Contrary to what marketting led us to believe, He has minimum scenes (many of them are flashbacks) with minimum connection to main plot of the film. Leto has already that large of amount of his scenes have been cut from the film. Barring Will Smith’s DeadShot, you dont really get behind the actions of other characters.
  Overall, I think, it is upto an individual, if he/ she is willing to ignore the (very much present) fualts of ‘Suicide Squad’, He/She is in for a fun and enjoyable movie which manages to be better than DC’s previous efforts like ‘BvS’ and gets you excited for the future movies.

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