Movie Memoir: ‘Koi Mil Gaya’, Celebrating 13 years of Jaadu’s Magic!!


A grand-father looks at his grand-kid watching cartoons which has aliens from outer space. Something sparks in the granfather’s mind.
  That is how the idea of india’s probably one of the first and also undoubtedly india’s best Science-fiction movie was born. The grandfather was film-maker Rakesh Roshan and the film was ‘Koi Mil Gaya’.
  For any kid growing up in 2003 who had the fortune to catch this movie in theatres, it was a mind-blowing and mesmerising experience. Atleast it was for me and I am willing to bet I am not alone. It was our own ‘Jurassic Park’, our own ‘Star Wars’ (in terms of the effect it had on people and film industry) and ofcourse it was our own ‘E.T. the Extraterrestrial’.
   I have distinct memory of coming out of ‘Chitra theatre’ after watching the movie and just standing there and looking at the huge poster with Spectacled Hritik Roshan Smiling. I can also remember watching the Short-lived cartoon that featured Jaado’s adventures on his home planet.  
The movie gave us characters such as Jaadoo and Rohit which have since become iconic. The story of friendship between a mentally challenged guy and a friendly alien separated from his own people resonated with one and all. The special effects, for the first time were used so much extensively and so well in a Bollywood movie.
  The special effects and the story were aided with awesome performances of the cast such as Hritik Roshan as Rohit and Rekha as The mother.
  The only negative points I can think of were following. The character of Raj was just a stereotypical bully. By the end of the movie Rohit went into Full ‘John Rambo’ mode instead of saving the day as his regular self. But then again giving up his powers to send his friend home made for a pretty big sacrifice.
  Three years later, Rakesh Roshan Decided to switch the genres as he Came up with the sequel, ‘Krrish’, a Superhero movie (which also completed ten years recently and I was write a post for that too but I lived upto my blog’s name, got lazy and didn’t.) The sequel pretty much did everything for Superhero genre in india what the first film did for Sci-fi.
   The films of father-son duo of Hritik Roshan and Rakesh Roshan are special to meas I’ve grown of watching them. ‘Kaho Na..Pyaar hai’ is one if the first movie I saw in theatre and is also my favourite Romantic movie. For years I used to seat in class during school and college and conjure up my own plot for next Krrish Sequel. (Fuck you, Krrish 3!! I had better story than you!!)
  So this was my little nostalgia- filled memoir for ‘Koi Mil Gaya’. Do you have a memory related to the film? Do share it!!

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