Movie Highlight:’Don’t Breathe’, Who needs ghosts when humans are so fucked up?



A group of thieves decide to break into a house and steal some money from a old blind man. But they don’t know they have come looking for serious trouble.
    Director Fede Alvarez ( The 2013 Evil Dead remake) and Producer Sam Raimi ( Evil dead series and Original Spider-Man trilogy) bring us their newest horror offering with ‘Don’t Breathe’ and this time its no ghost or monster or undeads.. its the horror of us, the fucked up humans.
‘Don’t breathe’ can be described as ‘A movie starring a older Daredevil’ or if you want to relate more closer to home ‘ A much darker Golmaal -Fun Unlimited where Paresh Rawal’s character is much more darker and a damn pyscho’.
   The premise for ‘Don’t Breathe’ might make it look like just another Slasher flick, but its not. This film is a fine example of films which take place in a confined space with limited characters and still keep us on the edge of the seat through out.
   Running at 90 or so minutes, the film gets right into the action with the thieves breaking into the house. We get a nice long continuous long shot which helps establish the confined space where we are gonna see the story unfold.
  The title of the movie is justfied as we get to see many tension-filled moments throughout the movie.
  The movie proves that a horror movie doesn’t need ghost or monsters as the human characters themeselves serve as source of horror.
   along with ’10 Cloverfield lane’, this is one recent horror movie which deals with monsters that are our inner demons.
  The music and camera works incredibly well to elevate tension. Stephen Lang gives a haunting performance as ‘The blind man’. You simultaneously feel sorry for him, are terrified of him and disgusted by him.
  Bottom line, A cluastrophobic, tense, horror treat, you should not miss watching ‘Don’t Breathe’ in theatres.

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