Movie Highlight: ‘The Shallows’, are you afraid of the shark?


   A woman, out for surfing, gets stranded in the shallow water, with a ruthless shark stalking her and nobody to help her.
   Why don’t people just understand?? the water is not safe? there are sharks out there? “Jaws, Motherfucker haven’t they seen it?”.
  That’s the kind of Impact ‘Jaws’ created on  people. There’s no chance that another movie creates the same impact again. Countless ‘shark’ movies have attempted and failed to that (including the ‘Jaws’ sequals, ‘Jaws the revenge’ anyone?), now, Blake Lively Starrer ‘The Shallows’ is attempting to make us scare the shark and the water. Do they suceed?
     ‘The Shallows’ was a screenplay which was  included in the the ‘Blacklist’, which is the list of ‘best screenlplays which haven’t got made into a movie.’ So it had to be something interesting than a Shark eating bunch of people.
  First of all, The movie, though was not in 3-D, feels really atmospheric. Well, it helped that I was wet due to rain before entering the theatre, I felt I am trapped with the main character in that cold water, her body freezing in the chilled water, mine in AC of the theatre.
   This is a awesome-looking movie. The shots of surfing, underwater scenes, the gorgeous beach is just awe-inspiring. The movie makes you want you pack your bags and go to that beach. But, offcourse there’s an unknown danger lurking uderwater. The moment Blake lively’s character enters the water, the tension starts buiding and it lasts right through the end of movie.
   For the whole movie, we focus mostly on one character, even the shark remains unseen for the most of the time ( how it is supposed to be) and still you are hooked to the screen. Also, The character makes clever choices and actually uses her brain instead of just screaming at Shark.
  The Music (which offcourse reminds you of John Williams iconic ‘Jaws’ score) fittingly raises the tension.
   The one negative this movie has is that you don’t really get emotionally attached to the character as most of the character information is thrown to you with the help of text messages and video phone calls and doesn’t make the impact its supposed to make.
   This movie is a damn good edge of the seat entertainment, and proves itself a kind of worthy successor  to ‘Jaws’.
  If you love shark movies, you should definately watch this. Even if you don’t , go watch this movie, because this is a bloody good thriller.

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