About that letter at the end of ‘Captain America: Civil War’


I have seen ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Only two times since it released. But, I tend to think a lot about the movie, about the argurments it presents and the emotional conflict that goes about.   One thing that almost everyone (including me) found kinda wierd and out of the place is the letter scene which sent uncharacteristic good vibes at the end of a movie that was supposed to be ‘the movie where everthing goes to shit’.
But I don’t think everything ended
hunkydory in civil war, that it was happy ending just because of the letter Cap sent to Tony. I think when you fight with people with you love and that creates distance between you and them. You at least try to lessen that distance in any way you can. Sometimes you suceed sometimes you don’t. That’s what the letter was about, Cap trying to lessen the rift that he felt responsible for creating.
     But the rift, the diffrences are very much still there. I am pretty sure  we’ll see them come to surface once again and serve as a source of conflict when Thanos knocks on the doors of earth.

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