Movie Highlight: ‘M.S. Dhoni’, witness the story of man behind ‘Captain Cool’.


images-54Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a young man from small town of Ranchi, became the reason for inspiration and celebration for a whole country. This is his story.
    You are sitting on the comfortable seat in theatre for ‘M.S. Dhoni: The untold story’, you are either a cricket fan, waiting to see the story of your favourite cricket captain unfold onscreen or you are a movie buff waiting for the director of films such as ‘A wednesday’ , ‘Special 26’ and ‘Baby’, Neeraj Pandey, to tell the one  of the most dramatic success story of India onscreen. Or you can be both.
  So, what happens when one of india’s finest film-makers gets hands on the story of one india’s finest sportsman? Let’s find  out.

images-59      This movie, according to its opening credits, is a tribute to ‘M.S. Dhoni, his friends , family and everyone’ and it does rightly feels so.

   The thing that I loved about ‘M.S. Dhoni: A Untold Story’, is that along with Dhoni, the movie really brings the friends , the family and  the people who helped him along his journey to the forefront.
   They are the characters you really feel for, connect with. There is some strong supporting characters in this movie.
   The movie really takes its time to make the impact as we see Maahi’s life unfold onscreen. ( The movie is three hours long).  But it never drags. Even with two diffrent romantic sub-plots you don’t get bored as they serve as great character arcs for Maahi’s Character. The Romantic numbers ( My favourite being Kuan Tujhe…) increase the emotional wieght of the scene successfully.
  Sushant Singh Rajput kills it as M.S. Dhoni, right down to looks, mannerisms and body language. Though, there seems to be visible special effects work to make look Sushant younger in initial scenes, You do believe him as Dhoni. That’s really hard, since we have such a fresh and constant impression of Dhoni from cricket matches and advertisements.
  Several excellent scenes stood out as memorable like the ‘train’ scene just before the interval, the scenes where we see the ability of Maahi to stay calm and cool during extreme situations even outside of cricket stadium and offcourse the scenes of world cup matches.
   The movie starts out with 2011 World cup final with Dhoni sitting in dressing room watching the match. Then, we go into a flash-back and the story unfolds. By the time we return to the present (Approx. 3 hours later), we have seen, experienced and felt every thing this man has gone through and in my opinion, this makes ‘M. S. Dhoni: A Untold Story’ one of the finest Biopic.
   You could say they didn’t show enough Cricket, or they ommitted this and that, but on purely Cinematic Basis this is a Must watch. Go watch it!!!

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