Movie Highlight: ‘The Accountant’, Ben Affleck is a high functioning sociopath you wouldn’t wanna socialize with.



The story of the mysterious man who has a very specefic skill set and is known only as ‘the accountant’.
  First of all, I want to get this clear. It was so great to see Batman (Ben affleck) , Punisher(Jon Bernthal) , and J Jonah Jamison/Commisioner Gordon (J.J. Simpson) together in a movie.
****nerdgasm triggered****
     ‘The Accountant’ is a action thriller driven by story. The action is fantastic when it actually comes(That anti-Aircraft gun though!!!) But all the stuff that precides it is equally fascinating.
    Unlike in movies like Keanu Reeves’ ‘John Wick’ (love that movie), where the main character is a badass just for the sake of it, with no actual reason given, how Affleck’s character in this movie goes from a helpless autistic child to the ultimate badass is something you will love.
    The screenplay unflolds slowly and the talk about money business can feel jarring at times ( or it did atleast to me)
but you are so fascinated by the character that you dont mind it.
  Affleck’s character is a variation of the trope ‘The genius badass with a pyschological flaw’ like Sherlock Holmes, Dr. House, Batman (no surprise there) etc. And the film manage to use the trope successfully.
    The autism angle is never used as a tool to make us feel sorry for the characters, but is an integral part of the story, which is itself has a beautiful core to it.
   Ben affleck is a treat to watch.  J. J. Simson, has nothing much to do most of the movie but, gets one awesome scene and he kills in it. The only real negative is the one side character of the of the female police inspector, whose story you dont really get behind and feels just like the device to us to know more about Affleck’s character.
   Overall, A thriller with a great story, great action and a fascinating main character, ‘The Accountant’ is a must-watch.

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