Movie Highlight: ‘Train to Busan’, the zombie flick that will make you tear up.


The passengers of a train bound to Busan try to defend themselves against a sudden zombie outbreak.
  You can describe this movie as ‘World War Z On a train’ ( but much better) or much closer to home ‘The burning train with zombies’ (but much better).
  ‘Train to Busan’ is a bound to be a entertaining popcorn flick based on the premise mentioned above. And it is. And it is also much more.
  The movie starts with a quick set up of the zombie outbreak before we start with character introductions.
     character dynamics are established quickly as well as firmly and the zombie scenario is used to explore the dynamics.
  The location of a moving train is used for some great supspense moments and set pieces.
But, besides this stuff which are what a basic requirements for a entertaining zombie movie, ‘Train to Busan’ actual has a beautiful story and theme about protecting your loved ones and the grief of losing a loved one.
there are some great shots, a really cool side-character who looked as if he was born to be a zombie fighter and there is some good commentary about human nature. 
   There are some emotionally hard-hitting zombie transformations, including  a great zombie transformation that you dont actually see but just hear!!
   The only thing that took me out of the movie was that though the story is well-depicted, one crucial plot-point is introduced rather late in the movie. while though it makes way for one great scene, it can be argued if it even was necessary.
     Overall, This Korean Zombie flick is one you shouldn’t miss!!
  All Aboard the ‘train to busan’!!!

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