Movie Highlight: ‘Shivaay’, Just one question “Chi!! Why???”




A man with specific set of skills tries to find his kidnapped daughter in a foreign country.
  Thats all this film had to be. Just be ‘Taken’ , albeit with a unique indian twist. The twist being that the main character, instead of being a former secret agent,  is a Shiva-worshipping, badass mountaineer.
   The movie started with a love story that though didn’t work wonders, was passable as a set-up. Then came the father-duaghter relationship which was good. Then the daughter gets kidnap, and we start getting what we want, Ajay Devgn kicking ass doing Badass stunts and action. Up until intermission, with its fair share of problems, ‘Shivaay’ was a enjoyable action movie. If it had continued to be like this, (and may be got better) my review would have ended with – You can enjoy the movie provided that you are a action movie enthusiast.
   The early reviews called ‘Shivay’ a ‘Borefest’. Still, I Wanted to give it a chance. Surely, it can’t be that bad, I thought.  But, by the end of it, the movie managed to convince me otherwise.
   You can see there are efforts to make a good movie here, you have to give that to Ajay Devgn As a director. But, thats the problem. There are ‘too much’ efforts to make a good movie.
The child actor is impressive, so is Ajay Devgn as ‘Fuck-with-me-and-I-will-fuck-you-up’ Shivaay. He is intense in action and dramatic scenes. (but doesn’t work in romantic scenes) There are efforts to make something different and ambitious and to attach it to indian mythology to make it uniquely indian.
  But, the movie doesn’t know what it wants to be- a love story a family drama about a father and  daughter and their bond, or a badass ‘Taken style’ action thriller. Though several scenes, both action and dramatic, stand out as good individually, none of it comes whole to make the movie better.
    Post- interval, The movie takes a major plunge into over-acting, unncessary side-characters and side-plots, stretched drama and a laughably bad ending.
      “I don’t know what I am talking about?”, a character says towards the end, and I went “That’s because the writer doesn’t know what he is writing!!” 
Even the action that made the trailer go viral, though sometimes is good, lacks the finesse that you would expect.
     Being a action movie enthusiast, I was the target audience for this movie. I was sitting there in the theatre, looking for some redeeming qualities in hopes to atleast like this movie. But, I ended up being a epic fail.  The negatives far outweigh the positives. Better luck next time Mr. Ajay Devgn.

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